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Builders Risk Insurance

Coverage That Considers Your Builders Needs

What is builder’s risk insurance?

If you’re a commercial property owner or builder, you could face considerable exposure to loss if things suddenly go sideways during a project. Builder’s risk insurance can offer you both property and liability coverage for your buildings or structures while they are under construction

What does builder’s risk cover?

During construction, anything from fire, wind, theft or vandalism could result in damages and losses that severely impact your bottom line. Builder’s risk provides coverage for:

How much does builder’s risk insurance cost?

The cost of your builder’s risk policy will be determined by the total estimated value of the completed building or structure. We can help you get the right coverage to protect your property for a surprisingly great rate.


Do I need builder’s risk insurance?

A lot can happen between the groundbreaking ceremony and the ribbon cutting celebration. If you have a financial stake in a building project – whether it’s a single office or a retail space, a strip mall or a multi-unit apartment complex – you’ll want your business to be properly insured.